Rusudan Khizanishvili

I paint with my emotions. Colors are my brainwaves. I invite onlookers into multilayer portals through my imagery animals as symbolic door handles between cultures, nations, times and identities. They are also the door handles that give me a way to an unknown world, full of stories. It is a mystical underground way which, is neither romantic or attractive. Therefore, hardships and storms of life are background to the new world of escape or freedom.

Daily routines are depicted in the paintings also. Women with their wishes, ups and downs, and thoughts are going to be the main characters. Sunglasses, masks, geometrical elements, lipsticks, postcards, and photos are some of the elements which are used for my paintings. Everything what can be around us must be used, but without harming the environment. Human beings, fantastic animals and expressive character as a cultural phenomenon are the main subjects of the paintings of mine.

Latest theme of my compositions is called Conversion Device. It explores transformations of humans into a new specie through undergoing their own death and rebirth by passage through mythical conversion device. Humans starved in digital reality are escaping into natural preserves.

Un nouveau regard sur le monde de l‘art · L’expressionnisme brut comme ligne artistique